About Us

Doncaster’s premium IT solutions Company

Amy Computer Boost Limited was formed in 2008 as a result of the merger of Amy Computer Services owned by Alan Hudson and Computer Boost owned by Paul Howarth.

Both businesses were all about providing effective computer support solutions, largely travelling to client's homes and businesses. Both Paul and Alan specialise in enhancing your computer's performance by removing spyware and optimising Windows. They also provide new equipment, and repair problems with hardware and software. Amy Computer Boost Limited (as we have been since 2010) is based in the Old School in Barnby Dun, from where most of our work is carried out. We still provide home visits, but find that now we have a well-equipped workshop many of our clients bring their machines in for examination.

Who is Amy?

  • We are often asked 'why Amy'? Amy was the name of Alan's first retired greyhound. She sadly died in 2000, but has been followed since by twelve other retired greyhounds.

Considering adopting a dog?

If you are thinking about taking on a dog, why not consider a rescued greyhound? They make fantastic pets, and contrary to popular opinion they do not need loads of exercise - two twenty-minute walks a day are enough, although the younger ones enjoy more if you can do more. They generally finish racing at around 3-years old, so can have a long and happy life in the right home. They will repay any affection you give them a hundred-fold. You do not have to be young and fit and active to home a greyhound, older dogs will love being in an older more sedate household. All that matters is that you can provide a comfortable, secure, loving environment, where they can get what food and exercise they need, and they have a warm bed and someone who cares for them.

We offer computer support in Doncaster and its surrounding areas. Call Amy Computer Boost Limited today (01302 887 019) If you feel that you could give a loving home to one of these gorgeous, adoring creatures, please contact Greyhound Rescue South Yorkshire on 07713 172 124 and they will be very happy to discuss any aspect of adopting a retired greyhound with you. They can outline the procedure for adopting a dog, and they will answer any question that you may have. They take great care to help you choose a dog who can become a part of your family.

Thank you very much.